Zine Introduction, Writing and Storytelling Trainings

Which questions does a good story answer? And how does the “Inverted Pyramid” help us to build a strong article? Molly Corso, Senior Editor with the media platform Chai Khana, joined us for our workshops on May 29 and guided our team through these and many more questions related to writing and storytelling. Following a short introduction to the format of zines and some tips and tricks on how to write well from Molly Corso, the participants immediately started writing, practising and experimenting with their own stories.

One of the participants reflects on the meeting:

“A small step for humanity, but one opening new frontiers for our contactZINE group!”

The purpose of the meeting was to form everyone’s idea of what a “zine” is and how to write interesting stories for our zine. I would like to note that every meeting is full of an atmosphere of friendship and professionalism. Yes, that’s right! In each training, the effort, competence and positive attitude of our facilitators is noticeable, so despite the remote format of the conference, I am very passionate about the process. At the same time, we openly discuss our thoughts, joke and laugh. And we will make good use of the rule of the “inverted pyramid” to create a fascinating story when telling our grandchildren about our adventures 🙂

I believe that the most interesting stories of our time together are still ahead, so good luck to everyone and see you soon on Saturday!