Workshop on Climate Change

It had been a long time since we didn’t have a workshop, it had been a long time since we hadn’t met all together in Zoom to discuss our zine and reflect on our journey. 

It has been only 3 months since we founded our Editorial Board and we managed, in this little time, to publish the first paper edition, dedicated to Gender Equality.  Many young adults decided to join us as external collaborators, and thanks to them we created something breezy for the coolest peace-building project in town!

Within the first half of the workshop, we shared our feelings on this journey, and this motivated us to start again, stronger than before, with the second contactZINE edition.

But where to start? Climate change is such a huge problem, it has so many faces! Therefore, we decided to turn our heads towards our communities and focus on the challenges we locally face in our everyday life! Plastic bags, wildfires, air pollution: these are just some of the problems we wrote down. 

And do you think it is possible to write a poem about those issues? Well, one of our members already did! To read their creation and to see what we are capable of, follow our next steps!

Buckle up, we are ready to take off!