What young people say about climate change?

Interview #1

How old are you?
20 and 23 years old.  

Where do you live?
Z: We live in Vladikavkaz. But we often go to see our grandfather in Tskhinvali. It’s cool there.
D: Yes, Ossetia is beautiful. 

Climate change – have you guys gone into this topic a bit deeper?
D: Oh of course, it’s a problem of global scale.
Z: The planet is ill, and people are like a virus for it.
D: Exactly. I am so exasperated by all this plastic and how the ocean and animals suffer from it. Why are people so irresponsible and believe that they can get away with anything?
Z: To me, it seems that people will destroy everything they touch until the last moment of fleeting realisation that they are dying in their own filth. 
D: It sounds rough, but that’s how it is.

It sounds very pessimistic. Are there really no means to protect our world?
Z: It’s long and hard work. We need the coherence of all people. We need a real interest in this problem and real control. But most people are indifferent and have already gotten used to certain conditions. To re-educate them is difficult.
D: But it’s possible. But I agree, working on this is extremely hard.

Can you remember one or several events or phenomena related to climate change?
Z: Heavy rainfall and large hailstones. So big that they even damaged cars and, as it seems, even people.
D: Yes, there have been cases where the hailstones hit people and killed them.
Z: These kinds of events did not exist before. It has happened only in the last, maybe, seven years. It’s directly linked to global warming.
D: That’s also why floods have become more frequent. I remember how I was sitting in the car with water up to the seat belt, and I didn’t know what to do. It was scary.

What do you think, is there a way out? Can we do anything against it?
Z: I don’t know how to prevent natural disasters, but I know for sure that at least adapting and protecting people is possible. If the government will finally take it seriously. Small villages are often flooded, but unfortunately they are never given the attention they deserve.
D: If you tackle the problem at a deep level, like eradicating plastic and stopping to pollute the air with exhaust gases. In short, if we take environmentally friendly and sustainable measures, something can come of it. But for now everything looks pretty dark.  

And do you take any measures to protect the environment?
D: I am vegetarian. I hate when water goes to waste and that here in the city, separating waste is not something normal.
Z: It is already infuriating that there are no garbage cans around the city, and not all people are willing to carry garbage with them for several kilometers. – an hour, two, all day if I have to, but I will always throw my rubbish in a bin. A tiny fraction of what can be done. So far I have not been able to give up eating meat, but the idea is good.
D: I also try to make sure that no one around me leaves litter around. 
Z: It turns out that it’s only a small contribution from us. But, as I said, in order to change something, everyone needs to do their part and unite.

Interview #2

Where do you live? 
Tbilisi, Georgia 

How old are you ?
25 years old 

What does the term “climate change” mean to you?
For me climate change means polluted environment, unpredicted natural phenomena, global warming and danger for living creatures.

Do you think it is a problem for your community?
Yes, in cities there are no green zones, there is polluted air and drought, which causes health problems. Because of climate change, harvest is destroyed in many villages.

Do you take action to fight climate change? 
Yes, I don’t pollute the environment. I try my best not to use paper and replace it with online materials.

Do you recycle
Unfortunately, no. 

Do you use plastic bottles?
Only in hopeless situations. I use glass bottles daily. 

Are you careful about food waste?
Yes, I only buy as much food as I can eat, so I don’t have to throw it away. I give leftovers to cats and dogs from my yard.

Are you using buses or your car to move around?
I don’t have a car, so I always use the metro or bus. 

Can you think of one or more phenomenons related to climate change in your community?Polluted air and environment, dirty rains, destroying harvest, destroying green zones in big cities.

Do you think there is a way to improve the situation? If no: why? if yes; which one?
Yes, there is a way and the contribution of every person is very important. They must not pollute the environment and stop promoting the outbreak and spread of fires during entertainment activities, such as picnics, birthdays, parties, concerts and so on.