What pensioners say about climate change?

Interview #1

Where do you live?  
Tsnori, Kakheti, Georgia 

How old are you? 
67 years old

What does the term “climate change” mean to you? 
Climate change means the environment changing in a bad way, that is dangerous for everyone and everything.

Which consequences do you see in your community? 
Air pollution, water pollution, deforestation, drought, destroying harvest, high water in rivers (Alazani, ed.) 

Do you take action to fight climate change? 
I’m not polluting the environment and water. Also when there is a drought, I still water my gardens and yard to keep the plants alive. 

Do you recycle?

Do you use plastic bottles? 
In general I don’t use plastic bottles. Usually I replace them with glass bottles, but sometimes there are cases when I use plastic ones. 

Are you careful about food waste? 
Yes, I never waste food. I give it to my pets. 

Are you using buses or your car to move around? 
I don’t have a car. I like walking and in case of  long distance I use public transport.

Can you think of one or more phenomenons related to climate change in your community?
Yes, for example, in Kakheti because of hail many vineyards and gardens were destroyed. Also, I know cases when river Alazani had high water and flooded houses and harvest, also destroying infrastructure.

Do you think there is a way to improve the situation? If no: why? if yes; which one?
Yes, there are many ways to improve the situation.. For example, we must plant trees and plants, not pollute the environment. Also, it is necessary to replace old cars, which are working on gasoline with new electronic cars. This will protect atmosphere from fumes.


Interview #2

How old are you?
60 years old. 

Where do you live?
I was born and grew up here in Vladikavkaz. When I was young, I often left to travel to other cities, but they’re just not the same.

Do you like the climate here?
I really like it. But maybe that’s because I am used to it and I am comfortable here.

Have you noticed any changes in the climate in the past few years?
It has really become warmer. Previously there were snow storms at New Year, there were several centimetres of snow, but now it starts turning into a nightmare! Last New Year’s the sun was shining! Yes, the temperature has changed noticeably.

Do you think that is a problem?
Probably yes. The climate is changing, and we need to get used to that. I remember how my children built snowmen. Really big ones. But now my grandchildren hardly even see snow… It’s quite sad.

How do you treat the environment? Do you take any measures to protect it?
Which measures can or should I take? I don’t throw any rubbish on the ground, I try to always go on foot. I’m not a young person, it is already difficult to make an influence. Maybe I don’t help actively, but I avoid intensifying any environmental problem. I live consciously and hope that our young generation will be able to improve their lives.