What middle-agers say about climate change?

Interview #1

Where do you live?
Tbilisi, Georgia

How old are you?
38 years old

What does the term “climate change” mean to you?
Climate change causes global warming and melting of the ice surface. These will not bring good results for humanity, and will increase mortality.

Do you think it is a problem for your community?
Of course this is a problem for our society. In Tbilisi, first of all air is polluted. Because of uncontrolled building processes, green zones are disappearing. Also, it must be mentioned the overloaded roads and uncertified means of transport that pollute the environment. For families, it is impossible to live in central districts, because there are no areas for children where they can play safely. Finally, the ground is polluted and we get unhealthy food, which causes different diseases. 

Do you take action to fight climate change?
Yes, I’m trying as far as possible. I have a hybrid car, so I try to pollute the air less. Also, I don’t waste electricity and water. Moreover, I don’t pollute the environment, and I don’t throw trash in the streets. In addition, I try to use paper bags instead of plastic bags. 

Do you recycle?
Yes,  I hand over old books and papers for recycling. 

Do you use plastic bottles?
I try not to use plastic bottles and use glass ones. Also, I use cardboard throwaway cups instead of plastic ones. But there are desperate situations, when I use plastic dishes. 

Are you careful about food waste?
I always keep leftovers to feed the yard dogs. 

Are you using buses or your car to move around?
I have a hybrid car, but I love walking very much,  so I walk very often. 

Can you think of one or more phenomenons related to climate change in your community?
For example, recently there was hail very often, which has destroyed the harvest and damaged humans. I remember several cases of floods, which brought to many houses being flooded and the population was damaged.  Also, lately there is dirty rain very often. 

Do you think there is a way to improve the situation? If no: why? if yes; which one?
Yes, there is a way. First of all we must abandon gasoline-powered cars and gradually move to electric ones. We should encourage using bicycles and public transport. Furthermore, it is necessary to raise awareness of the population to not pollute the environment. Also, we need to increase green zones, plant trees and plants. We need to develop agriculture and produce ecologically clean fruit and vegetables. Also, don’t use fireworks during New Year!


Interview #2

Where do you live?
I grew up in different regions in Russia, but Ossetia is really in my heart. Here the air is cleaner, and the people are different. That’s why I chose this place to live and I’m not planning to move away again.

How old are you?
39 years old.

What does the term “climate change” mean to you?
The formation of new phenomena, which are not characteristic of a specific place. But in our current realities climate change is always associated with negative events. That is probably what you want to talk about?

Do you think it is a problem for your community?
Honestly, I don’t consider that a problem, because the climate always changes. If you go back in history you can see this pattern. Yes, sometimes this has a negative influence on living organisms, but one way or another, you have to adapt, and that is what people do. The most capable, anyway. (laughs)

Yes, some human actions can make the world around us worse very quickly.
Which actions, for example?

Plastic bottles, irrational water consumption, incompetent processing of rubbish etc. 
That is the task of the authorities – to create order in the city in a way that people understand what they have to do. But here they can’t even provide basic rubbish bins. 

Do you take action to fight climate change?
I never throw rubbish on the ground, but when I go for a walk I sometimes have to look for a very long time before I find somewhere to put it. And sometimes people don’t bother and throw rubbish wherever. There are no conditions in place to maintain cleanliness, and that is the problem. About myself I will say that I do what I can – including recycling batteries and when possible, I always take a cloth bag instead of a plastic one.