Web Management, Photography and Visual Art Training

Why is important to be informed about web management, and how does it work?  What kind of hidden massage should pictures include?  Is it possible to explore our own feelings in the process of creating visual art? All these practical skills were the main topics of the contactZINE’s online training which was held on 12 June.

The trainers and experts shared not only theoretical information, but also provided the participants with the opportunity to acquire some practical skills related to web management. And this is exactly one of the main purposes of this project: to give participants useful and necessary practical experience that would contribute to fundamental knowledge for creating the ZINE editions. With the help of intensive and engaging workshop, the trainer Dito Kaulashvili showed us the steps for creating and editing a website, how to manage a website and how to publish posts and articles.

 One of the participants reflects on the meeting: “When we started the workshop about web management, I had thought that it was very difficult and somehow impossible for me to manage a website, because I never tried it before. But after the practical overview, I think all the participants were convinced that with the help of the trainers and team members, nothing is impossible, especially when you are doing a valuable job”.

In the second part of the training, the expert Nino-Ana Samkharadze from Chai Khana conveyed to the participants the secrets, values and impacts of photography in a totally unique way. Applicable advice, different approaches, creative ideas and emotional explorations connected with visual art and photography were ones of the most touchable elements of the training.

Both theoretical and practical experiences, which the participants gained during this meeting, will be the precondition for a successful work on the contactZINE editions. And results will appear soon…