Transportation and Air Pollution

Air pollution is associated with many disorders to human health, including diseases of the lungs, cardiovascular system, and nervous system. High-risk groups such as the elderly, children, pregnant women, and people with chronic heart and lung diseases are more susceptible to air pollution. Air pollution can have acute or chronic effects on human health such as lung cancer.

There are several types of air pollution. Pollution caused by transport is currently one of the unsolved problems not only for Georgia but in the whole world. This term includes road, aviation, and railway pollution.  

What can cause those types of pollution? Based on the local example, several causes of air pollution from transport can be considered – the unsatisfactory technical condition of highways, use of low-quality fuel, which is directly related to the socio-economic situation of the country, the tight movement of transport in populated areas, and others. 

The problem of environmental safety in transportation is an integral part of the country. Harmful substances in vehicle emissions pose a threat to public health.

How can we combat the above-given problems – not only at the state but also at the local level? What measures can we take to reduce or eliminate air transport pollution? 

  1. If we have to travel short distances, it is advisable to use other, not motorized kinds of transport such as bicycles. 
  2. To prevent air pollution, taking care of the technical maintenance of the vehicle is one of the necessary factors. 
  3. A sharp increase in speed increases the amount of exhaust, so it is recommended to travel at a stable speed. 
  4. When we want to buy a car, it is better to choose a model that causes fewer emissions. Electric or semi-electric cars are the best example of this.