contactZINE: a project by youth for youth

The project participants (6 from Georgian and 6 from South Ossetian communities) will collaborate to create and publish the contactZINE, a digital and paper zine, by exploring topics of joint interest and discussing challenges they equally face in their communities.
The 12 participants, who form the editorial board of the contactZINE, will learn how to design a zine, create suitable contents and develop a dissemination strategy to make their voices heard to the public.

The contactZINE will have three editions, each one dedicated to a specific topic: 

Through open calls, the participants will actively involve their peers from both communities in the creation of written and artistic materials for the contactZINE edition. 
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To enable the participants to create the contactZINE, they take part in trainings to get acquainted with positive communication (media literacy and gender-sensitive communication) and acquire technical and digital skills (editing and copywriting, graphic design, web design, social media management). On the occasion of the launch of every contactZINE edition, the participants also attend to thematic workshops.

After the publication of the three contactZINE editions, the project participants will share the most relevant aspects that have emerged from their dialogue on the three macro areas through a final edition. This will contain the ‘best of’ the three editions, unpublished contents, the participants’ personal experiences and the project ‘manifesto’. The manifesto will display the main challenges that the participants have identified through a solution-oriented approach.