The Impact of Urbanization on Living Standards

Urbanization is one of the accompanying events of modernity and globalization, which has brought significant changes in all spheres of life. The process of urbanization accelerated especially in the second half of the XX century, due to high natural population growth and the development of industry in developing countries, which was accompanied by the increase of urban population. 

The world economic history shows that the process of urbanization and economic development accomplice each other. Based on the shared experience of the developed countries we can say that urbanization promotes income growth and improves such social indicators as life expectancy, child-mortality, access to infrastructure, standard of education access to social services. However, it should be noted that situation is different in developing countries, where cities are experiencing double growth, which is caused by natural population growth and migration from rural to urban areas, that has permanent nature. All of this leads to a deterioration of living standards – thousands of people live in temporary shelters, where they don’t even have the basic living conditions.

Picture taken by our external collaborator Zezva.