The harmful practice of burning leaves

Numerous factors influence climate change. One of the common, seasonal events is the practice of uncontrolled burning of leaves. It is true that, according to the Georgian Law in the Waste Management Codex, burning leaves, even in the yard of your own house, carries a fine of 200 to 500 GEL. 

However, part of the population still does not know what harm it can bring to burn even a small number of leaves. In the autumn and spring, we can see heaps of collected leaves prepared for burning in many places. And yet, what kind of damage will this harmful practice have on our health?  The substances generated during combustion are first dispersed in the air and form a source of air pollution. These substances may even get into the soil in the form of rain.

From my own observations, I can conclude that one of the ways to eliminate this harmful practice is to raise public awareness, which is gaining a particularly significant importance at the local level. In many villages and even towns people don’t have any information what kind of damage can come from burning leaves and they continue doing so despite a high fine.  

 So, what should we do, increase the fine even more?! One of the ways to stop people  burning leaves is to find a particular place, gather all these leaves and transport them to this concrete place. There is another suggestion. People can leave leaves and just wait until the leaves become humus and fertilise the soil. 

Maybe, it will take time to solve this problem but let’s hope that with more awareness, the issue will disappear soon.