Teambuilding, actually it is fun!

The participants of the contactZINE met virtually for the first time on May 15. The project is implemented by the Civil Forum, with financial support of the UK-UNDP COBERM.

The main theme of the first meeting was team building: the young people got to know one another, took part in various activities and noted that until now they could not have imagined holding such an interactive meeting only with the help of Zoom.

“Our first meeting was very fruitful, fun and friendly! Until now I could never have imagined that I would be able to meet friends on Zoom and get closer to them, the project is amazingly organized and it is facilitated by a distinguished team. In particular, I liked one of the activities during which the participants had to find out the true and false facts about each other. I am happy to be a member of this project! ”- one of the participants of the project shared.

The contactZINE will go on for 9 months, the first two months will be intensive, with many online seminars. Later in the project, the participants will meet each other in person for a study visit abroad.