Let’s Stop Climate Change!

Changes indicate movements. Movements have two directions, either lead to the betterment or to the destruction of our mother nature and humankind. And the future is all in the hands of human beings, defined by Maggie Stiefvater as: “the most dangerous and wonderful  creature alive”.  

Every human step leaves its sign on a surface, therefore our actions inevitably affect us. Indeed, we are on the edge of a disastrous future for our planet. If we don’t take care of this problem from now on, an adverse end will be imminent. By the end, I mean that, by not taking into account the ongoing climate changes, this whole ignorance will result in: extreme global warming, intense drought, heat waves, melting glaciers,not to mention the consequences on nature, the extinction of animals the damages to our livelihood and the havoc it will cause in our communities. 

The more we ignore and the less we care, the more the climate will change, not in a beneficial way, and the more severe consequences we will face. Indeed, changes are irreversible, but we do have chances to avoid complications through proper action. If we educate ourselves and others about this matter, if we do everything possible to make our community green, we will, step by step, get through this. 

There is no planet B, we have to make a decision, either take care of our planet or ignore red flags and endanger our own generation and the ones to come!

*Graphic realized by the Editorial Board member Ekinrot.

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