Lisi lake: a (not so) fairy tale

“I have been living on the plateau (Nutsubidze Plato, ed.) for about 10 years and I go to Lisi (Lisi Lake*, ed.) 3-4 days a week. 

When my son Dan was little, we also thought of fairy tales on the canals that fed Lisi with water. We had a kingdom of frogs and fish, which the children of the whole community ran to see. We also told stories about the life of frogs. 

These canals have been drying up for the last two years. The frogs also disappeared. I was forced to think of a lie that frogs have gone to visit the fish kingdom (and probably if they do not look at this place they will not return). 

Even without any research, you will realize that the water is disappearing and if you do not take care of this story in time, Tbilisi will become even worse”.

*Lake Lisi is one of the three major lakes of Tbilisi and one of the most popular recreational zones of the city. It is also home for several bird and fish species that create the local ecosystem.