“If not now, then when? If not me then who?”

I will draw your attention to one of the most challenging global issues, since it is vital for humanity to realize that gender equality is unsuitable for our era. We are the generation which owes to raise awareness of the necessity of equality between men and women.

Imagine a world where all kinds of obstacles are left behind, where human beings have access to freedom, education, welfare, equality and basic human rights that have been entitled to us since the day we were born. Sounds dreamy, right?! I wish I could live in a world where I would not have a discussion about gender inequalities. Instead of “dreamy”, I wish we could mention “familiar”.

Our society has come across the most crucial crossroad of its existence, where individuals should take into account the fact that they owe respect to each other. Now wrap your head around the truth… where do we live? Feel desperate, don’t you?! Because the same emerges in my heart. The moment I realize that somewhere someone is threatened and discriminated against, and the other has given up striving for his/her rights, I feel devastated. It lies on our shoulders, it weighs too much to be managed, gives us no way but to reconsider our perceptions and how one can stand for another. Sometimes, promises and actions are not in harmony.   

At some point, we may perceive our inner solidarity is satisfying, later actions don’t  keep up with commitment when necessary. Am I assuming that no matter how we endeavor, our attempts will not be enough?! Assuredly, no. On the one hand, not a living creature is able to exist unerringly and have an absolutely innocent life, since we are humans. On the other hand, this aspect can’t be accepted as  a reason for non-intervention. We are perfectly imperfect, yet capable of amelioration. Therefore, we are able to participate in a process of developing an equal world, where women and men are entitled with the same rights and opportunities.

My thought about this matter is that we should help women realize that they should not remain silent, not at all. Every human being should raise their voices on behalf of women, who have no audacity to ensure their unconditional rights. 

“If not now, then when? If not me then who?” as Emma Watson has said. This quote is the reminder of the issue that our presence matters: through our actions, we can lead humanity to the betterment, where the “dreamy” world eventually turns into a “real” world. Where our privacy, rights and respect are taken into consideration and, even if not completely, our life becomes in harmony.

Let’s get back to our path and peer over the barrier of inequality. Dear readers, what is on your mind? What is the first thing that you immediately associate with imbalances among the society? Does it terrify you? Well, unquestionably, it does. How can we get rid of this obstacle?  At first glance, to all intents and purposes, dealing with inequality seems formidable, also if we not only dabble in it and instead try to comprehend it fully and puzzle it out, step by step we get closer and closer to the repudiation of such imbalance that has made us tremble and feel unsafe. I’ve promised, I would be specific, but… maybe I’m trying to avoid talking about this matter in order to swallow the burden?! That is tough, but I will try my best not to scare you, but my friend, we all need to open our eyes to the darkness and try to scare it with the light of our vision.

Nowadays, we can connect to social media, news and all the tools that can help us to spread our message, that we care about existing issues and that through each other’s support, we can change some visions. 

Consciously or unconsciously, we imbibe ideas, thoughts, manners and features from our ancestors. All that being mentioned passes on from generation to generation. If we don’t alter our responsiveness to discrimination, polarity, separation and inequality, we will be stuck between a rock and a hard place.

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