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DANA article

There is a strong belief in some sections of society that sex and gender are one and the same, but of course this is not the case. Sex refers to biological characteristics, while gender refers to socially constructed roles. I often say that gender is a public label.

Dana, 15

Gender equality is very important. Gender equality contributes to the sustainability of the country .The development of gender equality is critical in all areas of a healthy society, from reducing poverty to promoting the health, education, protection and the well-being of girls and boys.”

Liza, 16

“Gender balance implies equal representation, authority, responsibility and equal participation of women and men in all spheres of personal and public life. Gender equality is an integral part of human rights”

Lika, 16

“When are we happy? When we have our choice – it is called freedom and equality. Freedom is dignity, equality is strength, power. The strength of our community lies in our diversity”

Tatia, 15