Foundation of the Editorial Board and Workshop on Gender Equality

The participants of the contactZINE had the last online seminar on June 19. This meeting was distinguished, because the main goal was the foundation of the Editorial Board for the first contactZINE edition.

During the meeting, the participants had opportunity to choose a subgroup based on their own interests, in which they work and contribute to the program. Тhe selection process was interesting and joyful, as participants didn’t know who would be in their subgroups. When the selection process finished and the subgroup members had found each other, they had a “first meeting” to discuss their main goals and responsibilities.

Because the first edition of the contactZINE is about gender equality, the participants had a workshop on gender issues. During the workshop, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were introduced and discussed and the participants tried to explore connections between gender equality and other SDGs. The workshop was very interactive, as the participants had different interesting ideas related to the working topic.

With this workshop, the intensive seminars finished and the Editorial Board is ready to bring the contactZINE to life!