Desertification in Vashlovani

Vashlovani is a unique protected area, similar to that of the richness of natural monuments and biodiversity not only in Georgia, but throughout the Caucasus.

Nowadays, up to 500 shepherds use Vashlovani Protected Areas as winter pastures. Already 20% of pastures are in a desert condition because of the incorrect use of pastures and climate change, both  accelerating the depletion of the soil in the Vashlovani area. 

Because of climate change, every year less rain comes, and grass growth has become increasingly difficult in the area. The situation is complicated by the fact that there is still no unified system of pasture management and care in Georgia.

As a consequence, the process of desertification is becoming more and more severe, causing Vashlovani pastures to slowly lose their lavish soil and a unique vegetative cover. 

Experts fear that climate change and human exposure can ultimately destroy the unique biodiversity of Vashlovani National Park.