contactZINE goes to Istanbul!

After several months of online working for the contactZINE editions, the project participants have finally met face-to-face in Istanbul, Turkey in the framework of the study trip. 

Following the ice-breaking and team-building activities, Georgian and Ossetian youngsters have become friends quite easily and have spent an amazing week together. During the visit, the young people visited 3 local NGOs, including Hekva, Asım Gültekin Youth Center, and Genç Başarı Eğitim Vakfı. 

Hekva is a women’s education and culture foundation, which aims to support socio-cultural aspects of economically disadvantaged groups in society, expand the consciousness of cooperation, reduce opposition and polarization in society. The NGO is housed in a fascinating 300-years-old historical building.
The second organization, where the participants paid the visit was the Asım Gültekin Youth Center of the Ministry of Youth and Sports of the Turkish Republic. Georgians and Ossetians learned about the center’s daily work and had a tour of the several-storied building. 
The third and the last NGO visited by the “Contactziners” was Genç Başarı Eğitim Vakfı – the foundation that promotes entrepreneurship, financial literacy, and employability among the youth. 

Throughout the study trip, youngsters have discovered Istanbul, enjoyed delicious Turkish cuisine, and were immersed in local culture and traditions. Participants have also worked together on the upcoming editions of the contactZINE, dedicated to climate change and sustainable urban development. 

Follow us to find out what our participants have discovered and worked on during the trip!