Climate Utopia

An old man was walking quietly along the streets. A somewhat unfamiliar sight in front of him. It wasn’t a typical sight. Unbelievable. He could not ever imagine there would be a time when he could roam on the pavé and feel serene. 

 The man continued walking until he reached the shore. He couldn’t believe his eyes. The variety of fish in the pond was immaculate, almost like a fairy tale coming to life. In all his life, he had never seen these creatures before. But he certainly could recognize a few of them from the encyclopedias he read as a child. Species he was seeing now were bound to be endangered in the past, but the man could clearly see that some things had changed in his absence. 

He noticed another weird thing when stepping out of the hospital. There was something different in the air, creating a pleasant atmosphere. And as the man sat on the bench near the pond, he inhaled fresh air and looked at the clear, sunny distance. 

He felt someone sitting beside him. It was a very old woman. Some would say she looked older than time itself.

“You don’t look like you are from here” said the woman.

“I was actually born here but I cannot recognize a single thing” replied the surprised man, “Almost 20 years went by. I left this city during a rough time but it seems all the traces of misery are gone now.”

“A lot has changed, indeed. Human race really stepped up after the Corona-pandemic. Everyone thought the whole Earth would be destroyed, but here we are.”

“So, what really happened after the pandemic? What happened to the polluted, hot Earth that was bound to be destroyed thanks to global warming?”

“Well, it seems really simple right now. Corona-Virus, despite all the disadvantages and hardships it brought, it also did something great. Due to COVID regulations, people had to stay home more than ever. The streets were empty after midnight and all was quiet without humans. So when humans nearly stopped working in factories, stopped polluting streets and started riding fuel-efficient vehicles: the world transformed. Little by little. There were less toxic fuels, less sights of smokes from factories… We could see fogless skies. It was a pleasant chain of satisfying reactions.

 “Humans united. Various international organizations united countries.  Model countries shared their ideas and practices, which were successfully implemented even here. Now, you will barely see any cars or garbage in the water. Just like us, the Earth is free. 

 “Can you listen to the birds singing? They are celebrating the fresh air, the healthy people and the environment that is exactly like how ancestors before us wished to be. They are celebrating life.”

The man opened his phone and circled the year “2040” in the calendar. He knew his life would be much better than ever before.

*Picture taken by our external collaborator Zezva.