Challenges of Urban Development in Batumi

The urban development of Batumi has been going on chaotically for years. The city has faced problems in many areas, including parking, landscaping, ventilation, security, and most importantly, the city’s cultural heritage. In recent years, construction in the city has been going on without an urban policy.

Unsystematic urban development is a problem for the sustainable development of Batumi. I will tell you my personal example. A few years ago, my family bought an apartment near the coast. We had a very good view of the sea and a quiet environment. Everything changed 3 years ago as a company started building huge apartments near our place. 2 years ago, several constructions started at the same time next to this building. This is how our district joined the urban chaos of Batumi.

There are many buildings in the center of Batumi, where the sun does not reach the apartment. Imagine buying an apartment and in a few years your view will change radically, because a sunny room will be replaced by darkness. Public space is gradually disappearing and actions against the boulevard area, such as a recent hotel project on the boulevard,  are especially grave in Batumi. The population of Batumi is also worried about concerns like public transport, protection of cultural heritage, sea and air pollution.

The ways to solve these problems are becoming more and more difficult. However, there are public groups, activists, who express their dissatisfaction and try to change the daily life of Batumi in a positive way. They are trying to protect Batumi’s cultural heritage, public spaces and, together with various other groups, force the government to take appropriate action. Sometimes this protest is effective, sometimes not, but active citizenship always has a positive result. 

We need a smart city concept where public transport, parks and construction will be part of sustainable development. Business interests and public goods should be balanced. We need to reduce air and noise pollution, greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption. We need sunny rooms in the house, appreciation of cultural heritage and sustainable development of the city.