A green world, a bright future.

Currently, the formation of a comfortable urban environment is of particular importance for the development of the city. Today, a comfortable urban environment predetermines the pace of development of the region. However, a number of factors stand in the way of creating a comfortable space for our generation.

Currently, there are three areas of the problems in the Russian Federation:

Environment; for example, waste disposal, green spaces, water supply difficulties or traffic collapse.

Politics; for example, the emergence of ethnic conflicts or an increase in crime.

Economics; for example, jobs or migration of people from the north to the south and vice versa due to their economic situation.

Greening of a populated area as a factor of an urbanized environment consists in creating a system of territories with green spaces, as well as planting individual trees and shrubs. It is inextricably linked with the size and significance of the city, with its planning structure, architectural and spatial composition and local natural and climatic conditions.

Improvement of an urbanized area is one of the most important activities related to the formation of a favorable environment for human life. The current level of urbanization has led to large-scale interactions between nature and humanity, in which green spaces are integral elements of the modern landscape. The influence of plants on the urbanized environment is quite big, and considerable attention should be paid to this issue in the improvement of urban areas.

A properly formed urban greening system can significantly improve the ecological state of large areas. Trees and shrubs in leafy state reduce air dust content by an average of 40%.

It was also found that green spaces directly protect from noise and wind, lower the temperature and increase the humidity of the air, and improve the radiation regime of the urbanized environment.

The state of the city and the degree of its development depend on the inhabitants. Creative, educated, professional, highly qualified, talented people strive to live in a comfortable space, therefore the most important criterion for the attractiveness and prestige of a city is a comfortable urban environment. If each person treats nature more carefully, preserves it, and takes small efforts, such as planting trees and other vegetation, it will help to improve the urban environment and has a positive impact on the urbanization process. We can help ourselves!