“A big step into a vivid future”

An important part of urbanism is to create zones for comfortable communication and free time, providing residents with as many opportunities for meetings and joint activities as possible. An ideal public space encourages young people to be a part of the city and bring something new to it. Indeed, at the moment Vladikavkaz is underdeveloped regarding this and as a result  young people tend to leave, preferring bigger cities. But fortunately, not so long ago, very talented young people began to act decisively. Filled with confidence and ideas, they are gradually capturing the hearts of the next generation, drawing them into the world of electronic music. 

I was able to plunge into this amazing atmosphere. I talked to inspiring people and realized with confidence what a big step into a vivid future the city is making, thanks to the initiative of a few people.

In particular Zaur, a DJ in charge of this entire group, who once set out to make music and thanks to whom the first truly worthwhile club in Vladikavkaz has already been opened. The great thing is that it will not be just a club where you can come to hang out but also a large art space for all types of creativity. Indeed, as Zaur himself said, there are many talented people in the city and there should be a place where they can freely express themselves. And now they are actively working on it. He also plans to bring his music to the world level, which, I have no doubt, he will definitely succeed.

Zaur and his team are the first people who inspire hope for a cool future for Vladikavkaz.

United by a common interest – music – young people discover new facets in themselves, develop themselves and are ready to become engaged in their environment.